Daniel Radcliffe Just Won A Tony So People Are Sharing Their Fave Stories & It’s So Wholesome

Daniel Radcliffe winning a Tony 2024 for Merrily We Roll Along

Sometimes we just need a bit of wholesome news in our lives, and thankfully, Daniel Radcliffe is here to do just that

Fresh off his first Tony Award win – Best Featured Actor in a Musical – thanks to his role in Merrily We Roll Along, the folks over on X (formerly Twitter) have decided to celebrate the bloke. 

In a tweet that’s blown up overnight, journalist Nina Starner (@ninastarner) started the chain off by recalling the time the Harry Potter actor prepared for a role in a really method way. 

 “Let’s all say our favourite Dan Radcliffe stories. Mine is that he worked as a real fact-checker at the New Yorker to prepare for his role in The Lifespan Of A Fact, and would just casually call places, not say who he was, and confirm teeny tiny details of menus and stuff,” she wrote. 

This short king is finally a Tony winner!!! (Image: Getty)

A casual 19.8 million people have since seen the tweet, and I’m so grateful, because I’ve been able to spend approximately five billion hours reading through sweet Daniel Radcliffe stories. 

What’s Daniel Radcliffe like to work with?

Quite a few people who have worked with him in the past confirmed online he’s a simply lovely co-worker. 

“I worked for the producers of a theatre show he was in and everyone involved constantly told us how hard-working he was, how nice, how supportive, how encouraging, and what a great leading man he was. Completely wonderful,” one person said. 

His co-stars love him! (Image: Getty)

“I worked in theatre for a minute and I never heard a single negative thing ever heard about him. He was once described to me as ‘the type of person who notices when someone is left out of a conversation and then goes out of his way to include them’,” another recalled.

“I used to work as a receptionist in a salon in New York. One of the hairdressers was often called to do his hair at events and always spoke about how kind and chill he is. Do you know how rare it is to work behind the scenes and only hear good things about a celebrity? Very rare,” a third wrote. 

“I have to get involved in this and add I worked with Daniel Radcliffe a few years ago and he was a joy. He just has a good, pure soul. I’m so chuffed he’s now a Tony winner after working so hard and taking real career risks. A true prince,” another added. 

He’s also apparently a fabulous tipper, volunteers for LGBTQ+ charity The Trevor Project, and loves Top Chef

He’s a short king who deserves the world. I believe in Daniel Radcliffe supremacy!!!

Feature image: Getty