Everyone’s favourite unproblematic childhood actor Daniel Radcliffe has just sold his super-luxe Melbourne apartment for $2 million dollarydoos. No, I will not be making a joke about ‘Accio money’ or ‘beats living under the stairs’. So anyway, let’s get our beady eyes on this chamber of secrets why don’t we.

Honestly, if I had a better memory I would have remembered that Danny Radcliffe has had this house since 2005. This means I could have visited him and we could have been friends. Neighbours. Lovers. The opportunity that has been missed here has driven me wild.

But alas, that chance is now gone, because Danny boy has sold his $2m luxe AF Toorak apartment to none other than his parents, Marcia Gresham and Alan Radcliffe.

The couple originally bought the pad for their son back in 2005, just as Harry Potter was kicking off and becoming a huge fkn thing across the entire world. It was reportedly bought for around $1.9 million, and was intended to be a base for Radcliffe whenever he had to act in Australia.

daniel radcliffe melbourne apartment
The study has to be my fave room, that VIEW. (Image: Domain)

Relatable areas to have an entire apartment overlooking the Yarra River to yourself when you’re 16 years old, but hey, he’s a superstar so what can you do.

The Toorak pad has two bedrooms, one study, two bathrooms, two car spaces and an aforementioned sick view, and now it gets to be back in the arms of the original buyers for pretty much the same as they originally paid.

But hey, let’s have a look at the Melbourne pad, and see where all the magic happens. (I hate myself for that pun, but it had to happen.)

daniel radcliffe melbourne apartment
This lovely spacious backyard looks so fkn good for Friday hangs. (Image: Domain)

It’s times like these that you question why your parents didn’t raise you to be a child wizard.

daniel radcliffe melbourne apartment
The floor to roof windows are probably my favourite part of this house. (Image: Domain)

Surely Radcliffe had guests over when he stayed here because this place this fkn huge and I’d be horrified to be here alone.

daniel radcliffe melbourne apartment
A two-person bathroom? A dream. (Image: Domain)

If you need me I’m going to be manifesting Radcliffe to buy a Sydney pad for himself so we can be friends or something.

Image: Domain