Dan Harmon Is Legit Doing An Animated Biopic Of MJ’s Pet Chimp Bubbles

As Dan Harmon’s career shoots off in increasingly weird and profound directions, it’s becoming apparent his live-action baby Community was actually just a welcome detour from his true love: animation.

To be honest, his preference for the medium is an absolute blessing, ’cause his production company is now handling the rights to a primo script about Michael Jackson’s pet chimp, Bubbles

Oh yeah. Bubbles, which was hailed last year as the industry’s best unproduced script, will focus on the troubled times of MJ’s simian pal. Deadline reports the film will follow his life from a humble test subject, to the Neverland Ranch, its ensuing chaos, and Bubbles’ life beyond. 

It’s the exact mixture of earnest and absurd that Harmon absolutely feasts on; expect the frequent existential musings of Rick and Morty and the constant existential musings of Anomalisa, combined with a stunning license to delve into the life of pop-cultures’ most troubled and enigmatic figure.

And it will be through the eyes of an animated, moonwalking chimpanzee.

It’s almost too much. Almost. You better believe we’ll be following this one as more details emerge. 

Source: Deadline. 
Photo: Instagram.