As Victorian premier Dan Andrews takes a well-deserved break, his mum, Jan Andrews, has called in to her favourite ABC Radio show to talk about her son and the very unusual couple of months he’s had.

Per reports in The Age, the 77-year-old called in to the Weekend Mornings program to talk about his handling of the COVID crisis, now that Melbourne has reopened and numbers are finally down.

Dan Andrews famously fronted up to the media for 120 days in a row at the peak of the second wave, and his mum tuned in to every one of them, telling host Libbi Gorr:

“I have watched every press conference. And some days I have thought, ‘yes, you look OK’, other days, I’ve thought ‘oh Daniel you’re looking very tired’. But he’s strong.”

She was also aware of the public’s obsession with her son’s famous North Face jacket, saying:

“I was quite surprised with the fascination that people seem to have when he wore the jacket, they thought,’ Oh, that’s good news’. And we put a suit on, ‘Oh, we were in trouble’. But I think it just reflected that it was him as a person. He’s just, he’s an ordinary person doing the very, very best that he can do.”

Like many Victorians, Jan Andrews, who lives in rural Wangaratta, has not seen her son and his family since last Christmas, but she is proud of his achievements.

“Now we just have to be very, very mindful and do everything responsibly, because we never ever want to experience this again,” she said.

Image: Getty Images / Asanka Ratnayake