Dami Im Wins The X Factor Australia 2013

In something of an X Factor Australia rarity, the one who everyone thought would win did win (what’s up Bella Ferraro?) on last night’s grand finale episode with Brisbane performer Dami Im beating out Diet Justin Bieber and Dude With Guitar #37 to be named as this year’s contestant with the most intangible, undefinable star power.

Im, a Korean-born piano teacher whose journey on the show was defined by making people cry with technically flawless renditions of emotional power ballads and unwavering faith in the X Factor Australia styling team, is now the winner of a Sony Music recording contract, a number one single on iTunes, “Alive”, a management deal, and the unflappable inner confidence gained through living through the most empowering personal narrative on reality television: believing in yourself and getting a haircut.

“I can’t believe it. I don’t believe that I won because I’m better
than everybody else. I just believe that God has given me this talent
for a purpose,”
she said. “I want to use it to help people like me who are really daggy losers, and use it to encourage people and give them hope…They can do it too if they go for it.”

Congratulations, Dami. Your hair journey alone was spectacular.

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