Skunks Have Come For Dakota Johnson Four Separate Times This Past Year

Guys, in case you were wondering what the “skunk situation” is like at Dakota Johnson‘s house, we’ve had a update from the Fifty Shades Of Grey star herself, and we hate to tell you this, but things are not looking (or smelling) great right now.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed that when she woke up on the morning of the Golden Globes, she noticed a powerful smell in her Hollywood Hills home, only to discover that skunks had invaded it yet again.

She told the publication:

“This was the fourth time in a year, so I’ve been having to deal with that. I was trying to figure out what the source of the smell was and thank God, it was someone else’s dog, not mine.”

We presume she means that a neighbour’s dog must have been chasing skunks – members of the mephitidae family, and relatives of something called the ‘stink badger’ – and copped a spray.

Look, while all this stuff about skunks is entertaining, let’s be real – we’re well and truly fed up with hearing about them at this point, and it would be nice if just once, red carpet reporters asked women about something other than the small mammals, who use their anal scent glands to repel predators.

Do better, everyone.