Daisy Ridley Quits Instagram After Nasty Backlash To Gun Violence Post

Well, it looks like Daisy Ridley has deleted her Instagram account after a post about the victims of gun violence resulted in hundreds (if not thousands) of people leaving condescending + downright nasty comments all over her account.

She’d posted a photo to Instagram and Facebook about her recent Teen Choice Awards win (Breakout Star) that also expressed her grief about a segment of the awards, where teen family members of the Orlando, Newtown and San Bernardino were brought on stage. 

She wrote: “Thinking about how lucky I am like . . . Serious bit: as I sat in the audience yesterday tears were streaming down my face at the tribute to those that have been lost to gun violence. I didn’t get a great picture of the incredible group that came on stage but they were so brave. It was a true moment of togetherness. We must #stoptheviolence”

The post immediately blew up. Since the post has been deleted off FB – and, of course, her entire Instagram is gone – we can’t be sure of exactly what kind of comments were left. However, here’s a few screenshots from her FB comments, courtesy of The Nerdy Bird. They range from the ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people‘ kind to the ‘says the girl who kills people with guns in movies‘ ones. Bloody hell.

Fans even asked her Star Wars co-star John Boyega if he’d ask Daisy to come back to Instagram – and in an extremely rare move for a major celeb (let’s be real, comment sections are dire *except* for the very best of times), he answered.

Vanity Fair reached out to Ridley’s people for confirmation as to why she deleted her account.

It hasn’t heard back, but Twitter user (and Star Wars blogger) @acrossthestars says Daisy posted this message to Instagram shortly before deactivating her account:

Hopefully it’s legit, and Daisy’s just chilling / working on her stella guns (MUSCLES, OBVS) for Star Wars.

Source: The Nerdy Bird.
Photo: Getty / Anthony Harvey.