Daily Tele Compares ‘The Bachelor’ Set To Gaza As Paps Fight Over Money Shot

So apparently, things are already slightly hectic over on the set of The Bachelor, with paper of record The Daily Telegraph describing the situation as an all-out battle between the production team and the paparazzi.
Per the Daily Tele’s report, the formerly sleepy north-western Sydney suburb of Glenorie has begun to feel like “Gaza – their word, not ours, we’re just passing that particular bit of info along. 
Earlier this week, it was announced that fan-favourite Richie Strahan – who last year vied for the affections of Bachelorette Sam Frost – would be giving out roses this year, and bringing his enormous rig along for the ride.  
Reportedly, paps are already swarming the Glenorie mansion where the current season will be shot, with some deploying drones in order to capture shots of any pashing, fondling or other such activities that occur on set.
The best bit of the Tele’s report:
We hear Warner Bros has deployed search lights to scan the skies above the set at night. There have even been unconfirmed reports of someone at the site trying to shoot one of the drones out of the sky.
Between this and Mariah Carey‘s upcoming reality show, we’ll have a lot of compelling television coming out way very soon.
Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Instagram / Richie Strahan.