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Movie cinemas are back in full force, signifying that nature is healing, but it’s also reminding folks what a bonkers experience it is to go to the ol’ pictures. A New Yorker who recently went to see Cruella has recounted their experience in a wild-ass review that’s gone viral.

“Five ladies walked into the showing late and spent five minutes continually changing their seats and whispering loudly to each other,” the review begins.

After finally settling in, one of them became bothered by a child who was making a noise and she went over to accost him, allegedly telling the kid to “please shut the fuck up.”

“The kid’s mum yelled at her and called her a ‘white trash bitch’ and she yelled back and called her fat,” the story continues.

Apparently this sparked a huge “shouting match” and the group “walked out and continued fighting right outside” and the Cruella audience followed them out to watch the barney.

Then, just when you thought the chaos was over, someone whips out a fucken’ taser because ‘Murica.


They continued, “The mum stormed back into the theatre, grabbed her child and left really fast.”

The bonkers Cruella review concluded, “The movie was alright, but the experience was unforgettable.”

Speaking of unforgettable, I recently interviewed Cruella lead star Emma Stone (!!!) and she spilled a bunch of behind-the-scenes tea about the flick. Head here to have a read of it.

If only the interview were to take place after I’d seen this review – I 1000% woulda asked her for her thoughts on the barney that went down during a screening of the film.

Disney’s Cruella is in cinemas now and on Disney+ with premier access now, although I can’t promise that your experience will be quite as eventful.