Critics Are Frothin’ ‘Dunkirk’, Reckon It Might Be Christopher Nolan’s Best

It hasn’t even made it out of the gates at the box office, but every man and his dog is frothing at the bit for Christoper Nolan‘s WWII flick, ‘Dunkirk’.

At the time of writing it’s got a huge rating of 98% from 40 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and the reactions folks have had online to the preview screenings have the rest of us plebs all bloody het up get get out and see the film when it’s in cinemas.

Oh my god.

The film is apparently SO GOOD that folks are thinking that maybe ‘Dunkirk’ is going to out-do Nolan’s previous masterpiece ‘The Dark Knight’ as his magnum opus.

The film is in cinemas here from Thursday July 20, and tbh I’m so excited to see Harry Styles act his little heart out in what could very possibly give Baby Driver a run for its money for film of the year. 
Check out the trailer below and just bloody look at all those five star reviews.

I absolutely do not envy the people who have to vote in the film awards with all the good flicks that 2017 has given us so far.

Photo: Warner Bros / Youtube.