An Aussie Version Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Is Coming To Nine & It’s XOXO Bonza M8

Now that Gossip Girl has been identified, Pretty Little Liars’ A has been unmasked and The O.C. is long over with no talks of a reboot, we need an extremely cheesy drama series to fill the void, right? Introducing the Aussie rendition of the aforementioned shows, Counter Play.

[jwplayer pOv0yCqQ]

Much like the beloved Gossip Girl, Counter Play centres around a bunch of rich folk who live in the affluent but extremely scandalous town of South Point.

Have a read of the premise below:

“Million-dollar coastline, luxury cars and high-end couture is the scenic city of South Point… where wealth and corruption live side by side. Three affluent, powerful families believe their secrets shall never surface. However, for the Cornwalls, Haynesworths, and Morgans, life as they know it is about to be derailed. In an effort to keep untold truths, devious plans and family scandals hidden, everyone is out for themselves and no one can truly be trusted. False identities, blackmail, greed, murder and love triangles ensue in this dangerously handsome and insidious town.”

Chrys Phillips serves as creator, writer, executive producer and director while Mikaela Phillips serves as lead Faith Morgan and executive producer.

The series is filmed in Victoria, Australia including a few hoity-toity locations such as The Emerson Rooftop Bar, Campbell Point House and Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

I mean, the very poster for the series just screams G O S S I P  G I R L, dunnit?

The suits, the headband, the poses!

Blair and Serena, eat yr hearts out

Champagne, girls and limos: right outta the Chuck Bass playbook

Okay I was using hyberbole before but there is literally a masquerade ball… wow

If, like me, you are oddly intrigued and need to see how the Down Under Gossip Girl plays out, suss it out via Amazon Prime or keep your eyes peeled on the Nine Network this Summer.