We love Miley Cyrus in all her forms and are endlessly grateful to her for bringing a little ray of weirdness into our lives each day. 

Count The Fucks Given In This Pic Of Miley And Her Blowup Sex Doll

She has already had a fairly productive festive season, and earlier blessed us with this fantastic photo of her fiance, the poor cardigan-wearing Liam Hemsworth, awkwardly attempting to fit in at the zany AF Cyrus family Christmas. 

Earlier today, she posted a photo on Instagram, ostensibly showing off an attempt to cover her new year’s pimple outbreak with sparkly stickers, and doing a somewhat piss-poor job of concealing them. 

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice something else in the picture … in fact, even those without eagle eyes were able to clock Miley’s mate in the background, because it’s right bloody there and has two heads. 

See if you can spot it. It’s not hard – a Where’s Wally puzzle this is not:

Is this to obvious that I’m trying to hide something ….. #newyearspimples

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Some commenters were a bit thrown by the anatomy of the doll:

wtf is on your bed and why does it have two heads?

Some thanked her for throwing off empowering vibes:

One thing I like about you is that you show to your fans what every normal girl experiences in life. You do not pretend or promote commercialism. Keep it up Miley!

Others just got straight to the point:

Jajajaj Queen

Happy new year, fam. May your 2017 be as entertaining as Miley’s already is.

Source: Instagram.

Photo: Instagram.