Sorry KC, But Cornelius Is Drew’s True Soulmate On ‘MAFS’

cornelius mafs

We’re down to the second last episode of Married At First Sight and I have forgotten what my life is outside of this show.

Tonight’s episode kicked off the first of the final vows and holy shit, Twitter was on the edge of their seats.

But somehow, out of all of the couples, the most stable relationship of all was between Drew and his stuffed unicorn Cornelius.

Sorry KC but Cornelius is the one who clearly has Drew’s heart.

We’ve all grown very attached to Cornelius, he is officially my favourite MAFS character. And it looks like Twitter agrees. We love ONE man, and that man is a stuffed unicorn.

Honestly, the “experts” should’ve set these two up. Sorry, KC.

Cornelius + Drew = 4Eva.

For a second there, some people were worried that poor ol’ Corny didn’t make it through KC’s purge.

Unfortunately, when it came to the final commitment ceremony, Drew ultimately picked KC, Is this the moment when we all root for Cornelius to be the next Bachie? Wrong show? Okay.

Poor Cornelius.

Here’s hoping we can get our very own Cornelius edition of Bachie, or even a romantic sit-com about Drew, KC and Cornelius living their happy little throuple life.