A Conservative Mag Created A ‘Privilege Pyramid’ & What In Fresh Hell Is This Shit

In quite possibly the most ridiculous shit you will see all day – wait, no, all year – a conservative magazine from the US has created what they call a ‘privilege pyramid’. Conveniently for them, it places “white” “man” and “hetero” on the bottom of the pyramid, essentially claiming that group doesn’t have as much cultural power in the US as those above them.

Excuse me, you fucken what?

Please gaze your eyes upon this load of wildly transphobic/offensive/extremely wrong bullshit.

First of all, what in the fuck is this?

And secondly, what in the fuck is this?

The article, posted in the Washington Examiner if you really want to look it up, intended to argue that the social justice movement has the power in American culture in 2020, using the Nitzche argument that those on the bottom of the cultural hierarchy aim to flip the power and end up on top. (???)

Instead, the whole privilege pyramid thing has just been dragged back unto the hell from whence it came, with people on Twitter (many of those who are actually listed in the top end of the graphic) pointing out how wildly insensitive it is to print something this outrageous.

Some are arguing that the privilege pyramid is meant to be read like a food pyramid, where the bulk is at the bottom and the “sometimes” are at the top, but that really doesn’t fit in with the article itself. Maybe it should be more like a mountain, where those who have the most power are sitting at the top, the head of the cultural table, and on top of those beneath them.

Whatever this is, it’s all a mess. It’s all a god damned mess.