The Full Conor McGregor Doco Trailer Will Intimidate You Into Watching

The tortuous early years of MMA legend Conor McGregor’s career are so foundational to his mythology, that we don’t really need a documentary showcasing his rise to stardom. That being said, the new, full trailer for Conor McGregor: Notorious looks like a damn fine piece of hero-worship.

Tracing the fella’s early days scrapping it out in Dublin, all the way to his insane money-spinning boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the trailer promises a behind-the-scenes look at his fighting life.

Sure, it’s bloody audacious to have a doco commemorating the dude’s unfinished career, but the guy isn’t known for being subtle. Hopefully we’ll get to see the effort put in by Dee Devlin, McGregor’s longtime partner whose story isn’t quite as well-known, when the film hits select Aussie screens on November 9: