Community’s Sixth Season Got Itself A Fancy New Release Date

Fulfilling one half of the self appointed hashtag prophecy, much beloved cult series Community somehow managed to limp itself into its much vaunted sixth season with Yahoo‘s new streaming arm, after previously body-surfing to a fourth and fifth season on NBC due to extraordinary external circumstances, before ultimately being set adrift by the broadcast network.

Though we know that the core cast has been more or less eviscerated due to a combination of time constraints, curmudgeonism, and having the gig life choose thee on behalf of key actors like Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase and Donald Glover, the series will push ahead regardless, and Dan Harmon‘s baby lives to fight yet another day.
Better still, series six is a lot closer to hitting screens than you might have realised.
Mark it down in your calendars, kids. March 17th is the day that two – count ’em – TWO new episodes of the series will hit the web.

Rather than follow in the footsteps of the Netflix model and dump the entire sixth season onto the web all at once for all your binge watching pleasure, Yahoo! is taking a slightly more traditional approach to the release of their first major “original” streaming series.
Two episodes will drop on the premiere date, with another one following each week thereafter. Kinda like… y’know… TV.
The series itself is being dialled back a little bit, so expect less wild and wacky concept episodes this time around. But that said, there’s still a rumoured episode storyline involving Chang auditioning for a role in a stage adaptation of The Karate Kid. So take that for what its worth.
via Uproxx.