Communitychannel Just Saved 2020 By Releasing Her First New YouTube Video In Four Whole Years


In what is probably the best Christmas gift that anyone could have possibly bestowed upon humanity, communitychannel (aka Natalie Tran) has returned from a four-year hiatus from YouTube, and finally, I can feel joy again.

With her last video being uploaded on Dec 29, 2016, it’s safe to say that we have been waiting quite a while for our fave Aussie comedian to return to YouTube. For a couple of years there we just assumed that there would be no return to the platform ever coming our way. At least we had some of the old classic videos on to continuously replay ad infinitum.

For those of you who don’t know who communitychannel is, well, I’m so sorry for your loss. Natalie Tran is the comedian behind the channel, who has videos on YouTube that date back to as far as 12 years ago.

The content, which used to be a lot more frequent, analysed random and mundane things in life with a comedic twist, and every vid was a gift to behold.

But alas, we’ve now got some new content, and it is (if I dare say so) one of the best communitychannel videos that have ever been released. Without further ado, check out ‘Christmas Lists’, a video that looks at the strange and sometimes unhelpful concept of writing down lists of presents you want for Christmas.

If you didn’t break out into a hysterical fit of laughter when the scenes with the author popped up, I really don’t think we can be friends.

It is as of yet unclear as to whether or not communitychannel will be back in full force (or any force at that), but honestly, after all the content that Tran has put out for us, I wouldn’t be mad if she took another extended break (because we know she deserves it goddammit.)

Merry Christmas folks! The day may be over but the vibes are very much still alive. Now go watch some communitychannel, garn git.