Community Might Not Be Done, Script For Movie Is Last Hurdle

The self-made prophecy for the much beloved Community that started out as a vague, pipe-dreaming joke has long been the “#sixseasonsandamovie” catch-cry that the show’s rabid fan base have pinned all their hopes onto.

Despite looking entirely likely that it would wrap up at the conclusion of season three way back when, the show (thanks to a lot of external factors like poor overall network performance and lack of bankable new shows) gamely limped on through a largely rudder-less fourth season, before almost inexplicably being picked up again by original broadcaster NBC (who at that point decided to re-hire show creator Dan Harmon after unceremoniously firing him in controversial circumstances), ultimately getting the final boot from network TV after season five.
And then in stepped Yahoo!.
The online giant boldly decided to dip its toes into the streaming market with the launch of Yahoo! Screen, and breathed new life into the show to complete one half of the ledger – a sixth season.
But the streaming season was not without its challenges – almost half the core original cast had moved on from the show already (Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Yvette Nicole Brown), leading to plugged up holes all over the place, combined with Harmon’s commitment to his now-established other show, the equally brilliant Rick & Morty.
The season ended, and that seemingly was that.
But what of the movie? What of *gasps* another potential season? Rumour is rife today about the will they/won’t they/maybe/possibly/hopefully continued future of Community.

Firstly came word from Joel McHale that there would not be another season of the show, and the reason for which generally boils down to the fact that the cast commands way higher pay cheques than what they did back in season one.

“All of our contracts were up after six years. All the actors on the show, almost without exception — their stock has risen significantly and it’s out of the pay rate that is affordable to make the show. So you’re not going to be able to get Alison Brie or Gillian Jacobs at a normal television salary anymore. There is just not enough money to be able to pay for the show.”

Following this, Yahoo! came forward to downplay rumours of Community‘s final demise.

“We’ve seen tremendous value in our partnership with Sony and are continuing to discuss future opportunities for Community.”

Which caused McHale to return to Twitter to pour water on the fire that he himself set, starting speculation for a seventh season in the process.

As for a potential movie, McHale in the original interview stated that everyone would be keen, but it would be entirely dependent on Dan Harmon coming up with a script.

“I think what has to happen is that Dan needs to write the script. It’s a tall order for someone. “Go write a brilliant movie script on a beloved show that you’ve been writing for six years. Go! Just go ahead and do that!” I don’t think that is something that’s like, “Let me just have a long weekend.” The cast would do it. We would all do it.”

And we know that Yahoo! were ready to give the movie Five MeowMeowBeenz as soon as season six wrapped, but Dan Harmon was physically wrecked.

“I told Yahoo, ‘I can’t think about writing a movie until I miss Community.’ They wanted to turn around and do a movie immediately, and Yahoo can get it done. They’re like the NSA, they’re crazy … Yahoo was so supportive that I completely self-destructed in season 6. I mean, I had no bad guys left. Yahoo was like Daddy Warbucks just picking Annie up at the orphanage, except in my version, Annie just like starts saying, ‘Maybe the sun won’t come out tomorrow,’ and starts taking Ritalin in her office. I think the actors are kind of exploding outward — Ken is now Dr. Ken. I remember him when he was only just Dr. Ken, now he’s Dr. Ken. Danny Pudi did a pilot that I think got picked up. Gillian’s working with Apatow, Alison Brie’s doing movies, so the difficulty is in just, can you get all the actors in the same place again?”

So the situation, as it stands, is this:

  • Yahoo! aren’t done with Community just yet, and are looking into options to extend the franchise.
  • A seventh season isn’t out of the question, but all the actors contracts are up and everyone now commands a price that would be beyond the budget capabilities of a streaming show on Yahoo!
  • Yahoo! were keen to do the movie immediately after season six ended.
  • The cast are all seemingly keen to do a movie.
  • A movie would be the most likely way to gather all the original cast back together for one last hurrah.
  • But all the actors are now very busy, and coordinating schedules would be a big task.
  • The movie entirely hinges on Dan Harmon writing a script worthy enough to take Community to the big screen.
  • Dan Harmon has his hands full with Rick & Morty.
  • Dan Harmon CBF writing a Community movie script right now.
So will the movie happen? Possibly. In a year or two at the absolute earliest.
Should the movie happen? Abso-bloody-lutely. A stupendously weird show with high concept ambitions could do WONDERFUL things with a 90-100 minute run time to play around with.
Until such time as any official word breaks out, binge watch all your favourite episodes and hope for the best, ok?