Happy Halloween To The Sick Fucks Who Literally Dressed Up As “Cum On Eileen”

come on eileen costume

There a very few things I love more in this world than Dexys Midnight Runners’ 1982 hit track Come On Eileen. 

However, I must remind you that Dexys Midnight Runners are asking fictional Eileen to “come on”, they’re not instructing you to physically… cum on Eileen.

[jwplayer Fv0MJyTx]

Poor old Johnny Ray? Poor old Eileen, I say. She’s been subjected to cum jokes for 37 years now.

I know, I know, the lyrics really do “verge on dirty.” But I really don’t think that’s what Dexys Midnight Runners were getting at with this song. Please, I am begging you. Do not cum on people named Eileen.

Leave the Eileens of the world alone.

But alas, nothing is sacred in the age of the internet, and the glorious Singstar 80s classic track has become a filthy meme costume.

The costume idea has been floating around for a few Halloweens now, but the resurgence in appreciation for the double platinum song in recent months has made it a popular costume choice this year.

Twitter user @faithfoxxx shared her friend’s truly exceptional Come On Eileen costume on November 1.

In less than 48 hours, the post has received a whopping 46.4k likes and 8.6k retweets, proving that everyone really loves Dexys Midnight Runners. Or, you know, costumes involving loads of faux cum.

The clip has received more than 950,000 views and a slew of supportive, yet slightly disgusted replies from people who wish they had thought of the epic costume first.

The simple, yet effective costume has been done to death at this point, involving nothing more than a regular shirt, a “Hello My Name Is Eileen” name tag and some sort of cum-looking substance, likely glue.

Too ra loo ra too ra loo rye aye, indeed.

I wish I could be done sharing hilarious Halloween costumes with you, but some of them are just too good. I know it’s already November 2 and I should move on with my life, but I simply cannot resist a Come On Eileen costume.