Light of my life and the only celebrity whose Instagram I actually enjoy, Cole Sprouse has debuted a new look that quite frankly should have stayed in the drafts. Undo this right now please, I am begging you.

The Riverdale star shared a series of selfies on Instagram that show him with a long, scraggly beard with the caption: “Please swipe bb girl.”

View it below, but be warned: it may evoke a deep sense of discomfort and foreboding as your natural instincts kick in.

Look. The beard is awful. The vibes it is giving are truly rancid, and I say this as someone who isn’t averse to a nice beard. But would I still swipe right? Yes. Anything for Cole Sprouse.

The former Disney star’s celeb friends were equally put off by his new lewk.

Sprouse’s Riverdale co-star Vanessa Morgan commented a simple yet loaded “omg”, which I feel encapsulates all the feelings we’re certainly feeling. But Damon Barker wins with his comment, which is the most accurate: “I can smell you from here.”

In good-ish news, we’re pretty sure Sprouse didn’t grow that beard himself — quite frankly I don’t think he could (sorry).

So the question is, what’s it for? A new project, perhaps? An old timey film? A TV show? Is he playing a character in some Shakespearean play?

He *did* say he’s ready to move on from Riverdale so maybe we can look forward to something new?

“I’m not a creative force behind [the show],” he said in March, per GQ magazine.

“I actually have no creative control. We show up, receive the scripts often the day of, and we’re asked to shoot.”

Buuuut we could also be overthinking it and this could just be a shitpost. A filter even. I mean, that would be very on brand for him.

Either way, let’s all agree that the beard needs to go.