We've partnered with Dell to unlock your creative potential.

We recently launched a campaign dedicated entirely to self-expression, recruiting top-tier talented humans from Australia and New Zealand to work on Dell’s XPS Studio and produce any form of artwork they desired.

Thankfully for us, filmmaker Cloudy Rhodes jumped on board to inject their unique perspective into the campaign, aiming to produce art that shines a different light on the LGBTQIA+ experience that isn’t mired in the usual narrative of despair and devastation.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Cloudy to dig a little deeper and find out why they were keen to get involved.

P.TV: What motivated you to be involved with the Dell XPS Open Studio campaign?

Cloudy Rhodes: I was excited by the idea of working with a young queer filmmaker to help realise their creative vision.

P.TV: Can you touch on how self-expression plays a role in your art and everyday life?

CR: All my work comes from a very personal place. My films are an expression of how I experience my queerness and the world around me. I express myself through my storytelling. Through my self-expression, I hope to move people into a new understanding of love and gender.

P.TV: What made you gravitate towards directing and working in this particular industry?

CR: Film just came the most naturally to me. I have always loved stories and storytelling and their power to move people. I also love the images and movement, colour and sound.

It’s the medium that allows me to express myself the most authentically.

P.TV: How have you changed/would like to change the narrative around LGBTQIA+ experiences and what do you want to see happen in the near future?

CR: I want to bring tenderness and hope to queer storytelling. I think uplifting films provide young people with hope. I want queer kids to find refuge in my films and ultimately, I want them to feel seen.

P.TV: Can you tell us what you’re most excited about working alongside Jonty and Dell on this campaign?

CR: It’s really exciting to work with another young non-binary voice – we are very different filmmakers but we are both motivated by the same thing and that is interesting to me. I am really excited to be a part of bringing their beautiful concept and expression of queerness to life.

P.TV: What do you personally want to get out of the Dell XPS Open Studio experience?

CR: The reason I make films is to try and have an effect on people and hopefully move them in some way. I hope that I can have an effect on Jonty and help them through their experience. I am excited to be a part of helping them realise their incredible unique vision.

P.TV: How have you used the Dell XPS tools to bring the ideas to life with Jonty?

CR: It’s helped keep us stay connected and in communication whilst both of us are in lockdown. With us both using the XPS and its tactile touch screen, it hasn’t affected the flow of work our creative processes.

P.TV: What would you like to do next? Is there anything up your sleeve you’re excited about?

I am currently working on my first feature film.

P.TV: For people who struggle with the concept of self-expression, what advice do you have for them? 

Sometimes it’s scary to be yourself and sometimes even dangerous for us. I think finding our people, people who make us feel safe and seen is so important. And always remember you are loved.

To see what the Dell XPS Open Studio has in store, keep checking here.

Image: Instagram / @cloudyrhodes; @alxjohnstone