There’s a bloody decent chance that as you are reading these very words, the most hyped piece of locally-produced television in yonks is being broadcast in Australia for the first time. ABC’s Cleverman has its debut tonight, and the genre-hopping Indigenous-themed superhero series has even garnered significant interest from a worldwide audience. 
We already knew that much, though. Here’s the news: a second series has already been greenlit off the back of the show’s already-considerable prowess. And that’s just brilliant news for everybody involved.

The ABC has confirmed the second installation will be produced in conjunction with SundanceTV, who snapped up simultaneous broadcast rights in the States. Another six hour-long eps will burst onto screens worldwide, furthering our cred as capable storytellers and you-beaut telly producers. 

More than that, the second season will give the planet (hell, us too) another chance to explore the themes of Aboriginality, otherness and alienation through the lens of a rollicking action series. Win / win / win. 

Aunty’s head of scripted telly Sally Riley said “it’s rare that you get the green light for a second series of a show before the first season has even gone to air, so for me it’s a testament to the quality and audience appeal of Cleverman.”

Joel Stillerman, head honcho of original programming at AMC (yes, the AMC that brought you Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) and SundanceTV said “the world that Ryan Griffen and the rest of the team behind Cleverman have created is a perfect blend of timeless mythology seen through the prism of a near future lens.”
Are they trying to get us all hooked on their production? Yeah. Are we just stoked that a truly local and original piece of television is not only off the ground, but absolutely flourishing before its debut? HELL BLOODY YEAH.
Go on, you good things. Catch the first ep on ABC from 9.30pm tonight, AEST. 

Source: ABC. 

Photo: YouTube.