There’s no doubt people are having intense reactions to the Selena Gomez-produced Netflix teen drama ’13 Reasons Why’; not only is it blowing up social media in a way no one saw coming, but it’s prompted mental health organisations to warn those in fragile headspaces against watching it.
If you’re not across it (pls get onto that ASAP), the v. emotional series revolves around the death by suicide of high schooler Hannah Baker, who leaves behind 13 cassette tapes for various classmates, each one explaining how they were partially responsible for her tragic death. 

Dylan Minnette, who plays cutie Clay Jensen, discovered first-hand *just* how invested fans are in ’13 Reasons’ when he found a semi-creepy note etched in dust on his car.

The 20-year-old Los Angeles native just finished putting petrol in his car when he noticed someone had written a message for him – about Hannah – across the dirty window. 

He posted a photo of it to Instagram, unsure of whether to “be flattered or scared”.  
Plus side: it wasn’t keyed in. 
Photo: Netflix.