While the final two contestants on The Bachelorette must be shaking in their boots as they wait for the finale to air tonight, top bloke Ciarran Stott is living his best life.

Footage has emerged of the British babe entertaining mates last week, wearing underwear, a pink top and pink sunnies.

The professional dancer treats his pal to a raunchy dance and said pal responds the best way possible: by spanking Ciarran’s butt (I mean, you would).

Check out the video for yourself here.

Ciarran sadly took himself out of the running for The Bachelorette when his grandmother passed away.

Since then, it has been rumoured that he will either be The Bachelor in 2020 or a contender for Bachelor In Paradise.

Daily Mail reports that last week, Ciarran flew to Fiji to appear on the third season of Bachelor In Paradise, which is set to air on Channel 10 early next year.

It has also been reported that Carlin Sterritt has been spotted over in Fiji as well which has led punters to believe that he probz won’t win tonight.

That being said, in the past producers have allegedly sent contestants to the island where BIP is filming just to throw viewers off.

Last year, an insider told Daily Mail Australia that “Warner Bros flew both finalists [Taite and Todd] to Fiji to make it look like they were both filming Bachelor In Paradise.

“It was an attempt to make everyone think that Ali is still single, but actually she is still with the winner and they are very much in love.”

The stunt was said to be a “desperate bid to boost ratings.”

Image: Instagram