Ciarran Stott Left A Flirty Comment On Sophie Budack’s IG Post & Fuck Me, Give It A Rest, Mate

Looks like Ciarran Stott is done doing the ’rounds of The Bachelor franchise and now he’s moved on to a gal from another reality TV show, Sophie Budack of Big Brother.

Pointed out by fan account Bachie Funny on Monday evening, Ciarran left a flirty (and, frankly, bizarre) comment on an Instagram Live video, hosted by Sophie, who was in the top three of this year’s revamped season of the show.

In the comment, Ciarran wrote: “Babe hurry up I’m downstairs with coffee.”

Social media was eye rolling so hard at the remark, there are probably a bunch of stray eyes floating in the next dimension, starting with Bachie Funny, who wrote: “After going through every female contestant from all eight seasons of The Bachelor, Ciarran now appears to be moving onto the Big Brother 2020 cast.”

Here are a bunch of other comments from fed up fans:

“This man CANNOT be tamed.”

“Is it just me or is he seriously overrating his chances with girls now after the way he acted on BIP?”

“SURELY not?”

Daily Mail reports that the reality stars, who are both from Darwin, have actually been close friends for many years.

Sophie has also spoken of hers and Ciarran’s friendship before, telling the the publication, “We’ve been besties for years and years. We’re both from Darwin.”

Credit: Instagram / @chadhurst

Sophie was most recently in a relationship with Big Brother winner, Chad Hurst. It’s unclear if they’re still together or if she’s moved on with her mate. And look, there’s every chance that he’s just taking the piss here.

I just find it weird that Ciarran is flirting with a reality star in the most PUBLIC way possible after vowing to amend his bad boy image following the absolute shitshow that was Bachelor In Paradise.

Friend or no – what on earth is happening here?