Just Some Of The Most Elite Christmas-Themed Group Chat Ideas For You & Your Squad To Steal

Group chat themes. They spice up the chat with you and your friends, and always allow you to not-so-secretly identify people’s personalities with a simple nickname. The concept of theme-changing is most prominent in Facebook messenger, where the customisable options are limitless, from the chat photo to the shared emoji, but what if we were to give them a little Christmas flair for you and your friends?

I did the hard task of going through some Christmas classics so that you and your friends have some fun themes to flick through this Chrissy season, and TBH, I’m going to use at least half of these before the new year.

So yeah, without further ado, here are some themes and nicknames that you can bestow upon the group chat, to add a bit of Christmas cheer (or gloom) to your convos.

The Grinch

  1. Martha May Whovier – Hand this honour to the hot heaux of the group chat.
  2. Mayor Augustus Maywho – This belongs to the bossy one.
  3. The Grinch – The one in the group chat who hates Christmas.
  4. Baby Grinch – The cute little stinky baby of the chat.
  5. Cindy Lou Who – The precious soul of the group.
  6. Max The Dog – The loyal hero.

Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. Bauble – The dumb bitch of the chat.
  2. The Star – Hand this to the one that thinks they’re the main character.
  3. Red Tinsel – The real star of the show, the one in the spotlight.
  4. Non-Descript Personalised Decoration – A funny nickname for the group chat comedian.
  5. The Christmas Tree – Whoever secretly runs the chat deserves this.
  6. Gold Tinsel – The one who just wants to make out with Red Tinsel already.

Love Actually

  1. Alan Rickman – The loser <3
  2. Hugh Grant – The leader of the group chat.
  3. Keira Knightley – Icon, legend, superstar.
  4. Bill Nighy – The one who gets drunk every Christmas without fail.
  5. Emma Thompson – The one who just really deserves love.
  6. That Goddamn Boy Who Doesn’t Age – Speaks for itself really.

The Birth Of Bebe Jesus

  1. The Donkey – Hand this to the literal idiot of the chat.
  2. The Stable – The one who holds everything together and is always there when you need them.
  3. Frankincense – Always smells nice.
  4. The Fourth Wise Man Who Wasn’t Wise – The group chat blonde.
  5. Myrrh – Always smells mysterious.
  6. Joseph The Third Wheel – The one who is always getting left out.

Sexy Santa Squad (XXXMas)

  1. Dancer – Quick on their feet and always full of jokes.
  2. Mrs Claus – The mother of the chat.
  3. Daddy Santa – Secretly the least exciting member of the chat.
  4. Vixen – Hot bitch.
  5. Elf #69 – Hot bitch, but short.
  6. The North Pole – The ultimate hoe.

Unsexy Santa Squad

  1. The South Pole – Literally what are you doing here?
  2. Coal – Just a great nickname to give someone tbh.
  3. Half-Eaten Cookie – Yuck.
  4. Empty Stocking – Someone isn’t getting lucky this Xmas.
  5. Broken Sleigh – Yikes.
  6. Blitzen – Very unsexy name.

Anti-Santa Bad Bitches

  1. Krampus – The creepy one.
  2. Jack Frost – The sassy legend.
  3. Frosty The Fkn Snowman – Here to kill.
  4. The Easter Bunny – Doesn’t know how they ended up in the chat
  5. Terry Pratchett‘s Hogfather – Very mysterious and hyper-niche.
  6. The Tooth Fairy – Just here for a good time, will not hurt a fly.

Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Jack Skellington – Has a lot but always wants more.
  2. Zero – Super cute but doesn’t say much.
  3. Sally – Deserves the entire world and then some.
  4. Oogie Boogie – Filled with bugs.
  5. Dr. Finkelstein – Crazy.
  6. Lock, Shock AND Barrel – For the icon with three personalities.

A Christmas Carol

  1. Scrooge – Christmas hater.
  2. Ghost of Christmas Past – Literal child who has too much energy.
  3. Ghost of Christmas Present – Really cool, eats a lot.
  4. Ghost of Christmas Future – That scary one that nobody messes with.
  5. Regret and Despair – Hit ’em with how you really feel.
  6. That Young Boy Who Says It’s Christmas – Because it’s Christmas!