In News That Surprises No-One, ‘A Christmas Prince 3’ Involves A Royal Baby

Christmas feels like it was yesterday, but those Christmas flick producers don’t give a shit that we’re meant to be gearing up to mourn Jesus’ death! They’re already thinking of the next Baby Jesus Day and how they can seriously cash in on all that festive spirit. And the answer is with more sequels to already shitty-amazing movies. Like A Christmas Prince, which is getting a third film that involves – you guessed it – a royal baby.

[jwplayer PasZFS4t]

Netflix dropped the news today with a literal sonogram.

In case you’ve forgotten/never bothered to watched A Christmas Prince 2, we saw journo-turned-blogger Amber marry the man of her dreams, Prince Richard, making the full-time move to Aldovia to rule. And still blog.

So it’s likely the third film will see her contemplate how her ruling/blogging will go once a baby pops out – I’m predicting Mommy Blogging for sure, as well as a lot of feisty “no I will not have 40 nannies!” talk with the royal advisers.

Obviously even though it will be complete trash and will melt my brain… I’ll be watching it. And probably writing about it, too, if we’re honest.

The timing is “This Holiday Season” which I assume means Christmas but could, y’know, also mean Easter! That would be weird but also I would absolutely accept it!