Christian Bale, Amy Adams, B-Coop & J-Law Are Four Great Reasons To Watch ‘American Hustle’

A stellar cast that includes Bradley Cooper sporting a perm, a sexy Amy Adams, a slimy Christian Bale, a hot mess Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jeremy Renner and Louis C.K. is but one excellent reason of many to watch the below trailer for David O. Russell’s follow-up to last year’s feel-good, critically-acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle.

Should you require them, other discernible features in favour of American Hustle include the period costumes, Led Zeppelin, the overall vibe and the premise itself: a based-on-a-true story dramedy surrounding the undercover ‘Abscam’ sting operation of the early 1980s, which involved a brilliant conman and his accomplice (Bale and Adams) working with an FBI agent (Cooper) to root out corruption in Congress. 
However, if Jennifer Lawrence playing another loose-cannon Long Island housewife isn’t reason enough to see this film, out December 25th, then I don’t know what is.