Chrissy Teigen Shares 1st Pic Of Luna & Baby Miles Together & That’s Us Done

It looks like the Teigen-Legends, the Legends of Teigen, whatever, this joke doesn’t work, are having a lovely-jubly Memorial Day long weekend, and, speaking as someone who is at work rn, I am heaps jealous.

Now this assessment is based entirely off Chrissy Teigen‘s Insta, where we have been blessed with the first picture of Baby Miles and two-year-old Luna together.

*squeals uncontrollably*

There are some strongggggg proud big sister vibes here, and we are here. For. It.

For the sake of accuracy, I will flag that there is already a pic in which both Baby Miles and Luna appear, from last week, when Teigen showed off her post-birth mesh underwear and big-upped comedian Ali Wong‘s new Netflix special, Hard Knock Wife. If you were not aware of either the special or the fact that post-birth mesh underwear is a thing that is absolutely necessary, just go watch it, Wong’ll explain.

Still, not counting the pic above as one of the two together because hey Luna’s just kinda lurking in the background with a toy harp, and that is not the same as the pure wholesomeness of the pic Teigen shared today.

Care of Insta Stories, Teigen’s also shared video of their long weekend spread, as well as footage of hubby John Legend BBQing in the yard, because hey, it’s not just Aussies who love to chuck a snag/chicken breast/halloumi on the barbie on our days off.

Yesterday, Legend and Teigen headed out for their first date night since Miles was born on May 17, and may I just say, our girl looks smokin’: