CONTENT WARNING: This article mentions suicide.

Welp, Netflix is recasting Chrissy Teigen’s role on the upcoming season of Never Have I Ever amidst the cooked cyberbullying scandal that’s currently seeing her fall from internet grace.

Chrissy Teigen was initially set to guest as a voice-over in the hit Netflix original series Never Have I Ever by Mindy Kaling, but is no longer going to play that role. According to Variety, Chrissy opted out of the Netflix deal following cyberbullying accusations from various actors and stars. A spokesperson from Netflix said the role is being recast.

The news comes as even more people come forward with cyberbullying accusations against her, the latest being Farrah Abraham.

ICYMI: Chrissy Teigen’s old tweets came back to haunt (read: cancel) her as she was exposed for sending hateful troll messages to Courtney Stodden, who was 16 years old at the time. Chrissy Teigen sent all kinds of vitriolic messages, including DMs telling them to die.

“She wouldn’t just publicly tweet about wanting me to take ‘a dirt nap’ but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself,” Courtney Stodden told Daily Beast.

“Things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die.’ People came out of the woodwork to beat up on a kid because she was in a situation that she shouldn’t have been in.”

Chrissy Teigen ended up putting up a lengthy Twitter apology to Courtney… except Courtney’s account was already blocked by Chrissy, so they couldn’t see the performative apology anyway.

Since then, other tweets have resurfaced of Chrissy Teigen making nasty comments about Lindsay Lohan, and this week Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham called out Chrissy Teigen for bullying her, too.

In 2013, Chrissy Teigen tweeted at Farrah: “In other news, you‘re a whore and everyone hates you, whoops not other news, sorry.”

In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, Farrah said “It‘s really just a pathetic statement after someone has gone to therapy publicly for sex shaming, working through my own depression, bereavement, and vulnerabilities at that time.”

“I don‘t even say the words she says.”

Chrissy Teigen’s fall from grace has been messy, and Netflix isn’t the only deal she’s lost –  she was also dropped from other brand endorsements, including her huge partnership with Target.