Chrissy Teigen, Our Window Into Celeb Life, Knows Exactly Who Bit Beyoncé

Almost the instant after a Tiffany Haddish’s anecdote about an unnamed actress having the sheer audacity to bite Beyoncé was published, the internet just about tore itself apart trying to identify the alleged culprit – and Chrissy Teigen claimed to have a good idea of their identity.

Shortly after, Teigen stated her initial guess was totally wrong. She also revealed that, well, she does now know who allegedly bit Queen B, and it’s not someone you’d expect to gnash their teeth at one of the planet’s most notable stars.

But fans aren’t super stoked on Teigen’s somewhat admirable silence on the issue.

While Teigen is staying tight-lipped about all of it, several of the key figures pointed out by keen internet sleuths have denied any involvement with the alleged incident.

Sanaa Lathan, an actress who was both present at Jay Z‘s December 22 show in Los Angeles and has been counted as a member of Beyoncé’s extended circle, has hit back at harassment from the Beyhive.

Taking to Twitter, Lathan denied any and all biting took place.

Meanwhile, actress Sara Foster – similarly singled out as a potential Bey-biter – took to Instagram to refute The Cut‘s report on the speculation.

Watch this space for further updates on what is undoubtedly the most pressing pop culture story of recent memory.