First of all, we know this isn’t really news, so if you think we should be reporting on more important stuff like what the FBI said about Russia or that gronk who jumped into croc-infested waters to impress a girl, well… we’re doing that, too.

This is cute as shit.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s daughter Luna has said her first word, and people are freaking. Why? Who knows. Maybe we’re all secretly ovulating all the time (yes, even men). Maybe we’re just really invested in this relationship.

The family (of your dreams) is currently in vacation in Morocco, where Luna knocked off another first quick with her first bow. Apparently that’s a thing? Is it because they need enough hair– nope. Getting too deep.

First bow!

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But then she said her first ever word, and Chrissy posted the video for all of us to enjoy.

Ah!!! So many firsts

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It’s cat! She said cat! Well, ca. But close enough.

Obviously, people are freaking.

And we all have a super cute way to start our Tuesday. Bless.

Photo: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen.