Chrissy Teigen Seeks Medical Help After Hot Sauce Interview Goes Way OTT

Ever eaten so much hot sauce that you felt like your mouth was actually going to catch on fire? Well, that’s essentially what happened to Chrissy Teigen after a recent interview.

I mean, not literal fire but she did have to see a throat doctor after consuming hot as hell sauce during her appearance on First We Feast’s Hot Ones.

Basically the concept of the interview is for the host, Sean Evans, and his interviewee to eat spicy wings, upping the spiciness as the questions go on.

“I’m a wing freak, I’m a hot sauce freak, I’m a hot wing freak,” Teigen, a now renowned hot wing-holic, said at the beginning. “I feel like we’re gonna be okay, but who knows? I’ve seen some episodes.” She had a slight handicap, though, because the night before she ate so many salty Ruffles, her tongue felt “raw.”

Suss it out here… or should I say sauce is out here?


Don’t worry, I hate myself too…

The day after the interview, Teigen posted a selfie from her throat doctor’s office, revealing that the pain from the hot wings was so bad that she needed medical attention.

“I did hot ones yesterday. Now I’m at my throat doctor,” she tweeted.

She then responded to a fan, saying that the hot sauce Da Bomb was the one that did her in, “my tongue is literally ripped.”

“My eyebrows have gone rogue,” she tweeted at Evans. “My tongue is too large for my mouth.”

After the video was released, she revealed that she also had to take CBD pills for two weeks to stop her eyebrows from constantly twitching.

Lay off the sauce, doll.