Enjoy Chrissy Teigen Being Scared Shitless At An Extreme Haunted House

Chrissy Teigen is a delight. The model and presenter’s ebullient online presence, cooking wizardry, and self-aware personal commentary have endeared her to her millions of fans.

Which is why Ellen DeGeneres decided to funnel her through an incredibly visceral haunted house, practically scaring the soul out of Teigen in the process. After all, nice people deserve to experience full-body horror, too.

Alongside The Ellen Show producer Andy Lassner, Teigen fumbled her way through the cooked Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights haunted house for our perverse enjoyment.

Highlights include a creepy room full of ‘mannequins’, an the fact Lassner would absolutely be torn to shreds should he ever find himself inside an actual horror movie.

It’s not the first time DeGeneres has commissioned something like this. Last year, American Horror Story gun Sarah Paulson was tapped to visit the same haunted house, to largely similar results.

Perhaps next year the daytime talkshow queen can commission a beloved pop culture figurehead to do one of these semi-legal, semi-torturous experiences showcased on shows like Dark Tourist.

Waterboard Teigen’s husband John Legend, or something. Let’s ramp it up a bit, right?