Earlier this week, Twitter user Emily Sowah came to an important and glass-shattering realisation: that John Legend, ten-time Grammy Award winner and husband to Chrissy Teigen, looks just like Arthur.

Arthur, of course, is the bespectacled aardvark from PBS‘s programme of the same name. Most recently, you’ve seen his right clenched fist in several hundred thousand memes.

And he looks like John Legend. This is fact.

Honestly, once you see it – it’s U N C A N N Y.

At the time of writing, the original tweet has over 70k retweets, so of course Chrissy Teigen saw it. (If you spend any time on or in the vicinity of Twitter / the internet, you’ll know that she literally never logs off, much to the blessing of all of us.)

She responded thusly:

And John Legend made the startling confession that he has no idea what his wife and approximately 200,000 other people are on about.

What a time, hey?

Photo: Twitter / Emily Sowah.