Chris Walken and Lady Gaga standoff

Despite what anyone says (especially about her gender) you’ve got to give it to Lady Gaga. Not a day or two goes by without the controversial lass hitting the headlines.

She certainly had an impact on one of famous town’s funniest and scariest men, Chris Walken who poked fun at the little lass who is under the impression that pants aren’t really a necessity.

Walken who’s known for partaking in bizarre stunts appeared on the Jonothan Ross show on BBC, reading the lyrics to Gaga’s †Poker Face’ tune. And by song lyrics, I mean the pronunciation of every single syllable.

It just goes to show the ridiculousness of Miss Gaga’s lyrics. There’s just so much meaning behind those oh’s and arhh’s. She must have spent months trying to get that perfect o sound.

It comes just weeks after Jude Law did his dramatic reading of the song on “Late Night.” However Walken get’s my vote.

Everyone’s love to hate blogger, Perez Hilton even found it necessary to dress as the friendly pop star for a Halloween event. Giving cred to the singing star for her wonderful talent. That’s saying a lot considering Hilton says nice things about celebrities as much as he likes the laydee gender.

In a bid to stay in the headlines Madonna jumped on the Gaga hype train a few weeks back when two teamed up on †Saturday Night Live’ in a not so interesting catfight spat. But it attracted a load of press.

So being, SNL decided to do a re-run of the episode and aired a funnier, racier version of the ladies getting a tad frisky. Check it. Wow I’m having Britney and Madonna pashing flashbacks. Yawn Madonna, yawn.

You have to give it to her PR manage though, Gaga is teeing up to be one of the biggest pop sensations we’ve seen since Britney got all school girl on us.

Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty