Chris Pratt Says He’d Be Up For A ‘Parks & Rec’ Reboot So Yes Please

If you follow adorable human sunbeam Chris Pratt on Instagram then you’ll know he’s absolutely living life to the fullest on the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom press tour with his teeny tiny figurines. It’s all tremendously exciting and we couldn’t be happier for the bloke but look, sometimes we just crave the pure love of one Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation (currently streaming on Stan).

So when Pratt had a chat to E!News at his gigantic dino premier and added his name to the list of Parks and Recs stars happy to bring us more joy in life via a reboot… well people were hyped.

Not to mention just a lil’ while ago Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman hopped on The Ellen Show to promote their new gig Making ItDuring the interview the duo said they were keen for a reunion whenever that might be. And being that Poehler’s the boss of the show, it’s really up to her.

But wait, there’s more ‘cos along came Tina FeyDespite crushing our souls by saying a 30 Rock revival just wasn’t happening, she did confirm Poehler’s keen on a Parks and Rec reboot. To make things even more interesting, Fey reckons her character Liz Lemon could team up with Leslie Knope in potential-future-Parks-and-Rec.

Of course this is all speculative and driven by all the questions the media and fans keep flinging at our faves… which brings us back to Pratt.

Human sunbeam told E!News that as long as he’s in town, he’d do the reboot.

“It films ten minutes from my house so that’d be dope. I mean, you can’t do Parks and Rec without Andy.”

True. Pratt also told E!News, “I miss Andy, I would love it. I know I’d do it.”

As for Pratt’s insane glow-up, he reckons Andy would upgrade to your friendly weatherman on the show.

Again, this is all speculative but the fandom is a powerful force – just cast your minds back to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine drama. Anything could happen.

You can catch the full interview where Pratt talks about his very dashing suit HERE.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is in cinemas now and you can check out the trailer below: