I’m sure there’s a specific set of skills required to be a talk show host that makes filling in for one a terrifying and difficult ordeal, but when you’re as handsome and charming as Chris Pratt is, it is apparently not a problem. (Having a team of writers probably helps too, but it’s definitely the handsome doing the heavy lifting.)

Pratt’s temporary duties as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live afforded him the luxury of interviewing our very own shining star, Margot Robbie, in the lead up to the release of her latest movie I, Tonya, which tells the story of figure skater Tonya Harding.

Faced with this rare opportunity to get some deep insights into her artform, Pratt did what any reasonable American would do: grilled her about what the fuck is up with Australia and all the bloody snakes. Much to Pratt’s extreme surprise, Robbie recounted the relatively normal practice of removing a snake from the property with a stick, leading into an anecdote about her mum almost

One time, when I was in my bratty teen years, my mum came in and asked ‘Can you help me get the snake out of the house?’ I said ‘Mum, I’m really busy on msn, no’ and she said ‘It’s a really big one.’ I was still like ‘no,’ then ten minutes later I thought ‘She hasn’t come back in the house’.

Ii went down and she’s on the driveway and this python was huge. It had wrapped its way around her arm and was trying to strangle her around her neck. She’s trying to call out to me and I saw her and I knew, from that point on, any time mum asked me to help her move a giant snake to just do it.

The conversation snakes (get it) its way from there through Outback Steakhouse, working in service jobs, and learning to ice skate, with Robbie demonstrating a much better ability to open a bottle with another bottle than I have ever been able to master.

Listen to Margot Robbie regale you with tales about working behind a bar far, far too young:

Image: YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Tonight