Chris Pratt Has Quite A Few Thoughts On Taking His Shirt Off For Roles

Somewhere between Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians Of The Galaxy, your boy Chris Pratt became a bona fide action star, and one of the most shirtless men in Hollywood. The more you stare at this gif, the more hypnotic his expanding pectoral area gets. Go ahead and ponder it for a while, then we’ll talk. 
During a recent press conference for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Pratt was asked by journalists about his own frequent shirtless state in films, and if he perceives a difference in the way women and men are objectified on screen. The actor, who has previously joked that it’s “mandatory” to whip his shirt off in Marvel films, gave a candid answer, saying:
“Hasn’t hurt my career! We are objects. It’s true, we are. We’re props. They shine a light on us, they paint us up with makeup, and they take a camera and point it at us. Half the time, what ruins it is us talking … I would say that objectification is good for me because when I turned my body into an object that people liked, I got paid a lot of money. My kids can go to college because I’m an object.”
That aside, Pratt acknowledged that women still have it much harder in Hollywood when it comes to picking roles that aren’t all about eye candy, adding:

“As a man, I can say that. I have to be careful because for generations – for millennia – women have been objectified in a way where there’s a pretty horrifying past. So that’s a little bit different, and there probably is what you’d call a double standard, but I think you have to deal with them separately because there’s a history of objectification [with women] that is a sensitive issue.”
Per the New York Times, director James Gunn jumped in soon after to say he’s tried to make sure that all of the characters in his Guardians films are well-rounded, with nobody reduced to just one attribute like their looks. He said:

“One of the things we’ve tried to do with the Guardians films is to allow women to be full characters. The character of Mantis in the movie, one of the reasons why people love that character … is that she’s as funny and goofy and weird as Drax and Rocket and our goofy male characters. That’s a way to combat those stereotypes about what a male and a female actor can be.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is out in Australia on Tuesday April 25.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty.