Chris Pratt Did A French Braid During a Live TV Interview

For a while now, having a giant, unwieldy crush on Chris Pratt has been the sole preserve of Parks & Recreation fans, but once Marvel Presents Tyler Perry’s Guardians Of The Galaxy or whatever the hell it’s called comes out, there’s a high likelihood that OG Pratt lovers will need to start sharing him with other people. 
It’s already starting. Case in point: a good proportion of the world’s ovaries exploded overnight when Pratt was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, and revealed that, in addition to being a crazily buff superhero and unreasonably handsome manly-man, he does an excellent French Braid.

The topic came up after Pratt bragged about his braiding abilities on Instagram earlier this year, after doing wife Anna Faris‘s hair. ET called his bluff and had him go to work on an intern as he discussed important matters like the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel. 
For reference’s sake, here’s the braid that Pratt laid on Anna Faris:
Chris, I’m a feeder too, and if you want to come around I can whip you up some burgers or some mac and cheese or whatever you want and then we can get weird together. Just saying.
Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images