Chris Pratt Attempts To Run In Heels, Completely Nails It

Hey, so here’s yet another reason to love Chris Pratt  – the dude can handle himself with hella grace in a pair of high heels.

Pratt and his Jurassic World co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Jake Johnson recently stopped by James Corden‘s Late Late Show, and it was noted that Howard’s character spends almost the entire thing running from dinosaurs while in hopelessly inappropriate footwear.
Corden asked Pratt if he had ever run in heels, but sadly, the star has never been able to find a pair big enough … The host, conveniently enough, was able to present a Pratt-sized pair to put him to the test.
For somebody who claims he’s never done this before, Pratt turned out to be a real pro:
On a related note, Jurassic World is entertaining as hell, and you should probably consider dropping whatever you’re doing and going to see it.