Chris Pine Is King Of The Scots In Netflix’s New ‘Outlaw King’ Trailer

Netflix has unleashed a ton of trailers this week – in fact, let’s just say a lot of Netflix news has happened this week. First and foremost, Brooklyn Nine-Nine season five is hitting Netflix at the end of next month, September 28. And now we have a brand new film starring Chris Pine in Outlaw King. 

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In this biopic, Pine stars as the defeated nobleman turned King turned freedom fighter Robert the Bruce. Robert was King of Scots between 1306 to his death in 1329.  This epic film thrusts us into the turbulent life of Robert, who seeks Scotland‘s independence from England by raging war against King Edward I and his son, the Prince of Wales. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson costars alongside James Cosmo (who is in 99 per cent of medieval warrior films), Florence Pugh, and our very own Callan Mulvey who, before landing roles in Captain America and alike, starred in Sea Patrol, Home and Away, and Underbelly to name a few.

Catch the trailer, below:

Keen, I’m keen.

The film which is directed by David McKenzie will open the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival so things are looking promising.

Outlaw King will hit Netflix, November 9. 

Next up we have Hold The Dark and unlike Outlaw King, this one’s a psychological thriller that may make you crap your dacks.

Hold The Dark tells the story of writer Russell Core, who is hired to track down a missing six-year-old boy in the Alaskan wilderness – the same wilderness where three children have already disappeared, suspected dead and eaten by wolves.

Jeffrey Wright (Westworld, Casino Royale, and The Hunger Games) stars as Core. Alexander Skarsgård, Riley Keough, and James Badge co-star.


… cute.

Hold The Dark comes to Netflix, September 28. 


It’s true crime time! American Vandal season two is fast approaching and this time we’re dealing with literal shit because of a Turd Burglar. The individual seemingly responsible is Kevin McClain, a junior who put some sort of very intense laxative in the school’s lemonade, milk, and food products.

… Maybe save the trailer for later if you’re about to eat or have just eaten dinner.

Who knew the poop emoji could look so sinister?

September 14 to see some good shit.

For a full list of what’s coming to Netflix in September, aggressively click on the below.