Chris Lilley Teases Next Single Character Series Possibly Starring Jonah, Phil Olivetti

Astute observers of Wednesday night’s episode of Private School Girl will not only have noticed Chris Lilley’s Ja’mazing hair extensions and surprisingly palatable fake tan but also an all-too-brief teaser hinting at the possible identity central to Lilley’s next single character series. 

In the lead up to The ABC’s 2014 programming upfronts unveiled on Tuesday next week, the network will be releasing a character teaser per day featuring one of Lilley’s mercurial creations and the “coming soon?” tag line. According to today’s Sydney Morning Herald, a spokesman for Lilley’s production company Princess Pictures revealed that though some six teasers will air “only one of them will be true”. 
Lilley’s next series, glimpses of which have so far included Jonah Takalua and Phil Olivetti (currently screening on iView), is already in pre-production while the comedian continues his Private School Girl press tour of the States, including a Reddit AMA taking place at 7am (AEDST) tomorrow morning. Watch this space.
In related news, these are our five picks for Lilley characters (other than Ja’mie) who deserve their own spin-off series. I’m pulling for Ricky Wong.
via SMH