The Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam, are steaming up our Instagram feeds with smoking hot piccies and, frankly, we are not Hemsworthy.

Over the weekend, older brother Chris blessed Insta with a gallery, a video, and a fuck ton of IG Stories featuring cute family snaps (and some much-appreciated rig pics).

The gallery featured photos from a fun vacay to Lord Howe Island which looked absolutely glorious.

“2020 has been incredibly hard for communities who depend on tourism,” he wrote in the caption. “Obviously not everyone is able to travel at the moment but once it’s safe to do so let’s support our fellow Aussies by taking a holiday at home in @Australia
@visitlordhoweisland is one of the most sustainable destinations in the world with only a few hundred visitors allowed at any one time.”

He added, “This paradise is home to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, but like many small communities, it relies on tourism. Thanks to @islandhouse.lhi for the hospitality.”

Amongst all the cute and wholesome family snaps are some smoking hot god-like pics, such as the following:

Are The Hemsworth Brothers Trying To Kill Us, Or?

And here’s one of Hemsworth brothers Chris and Liam with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi who joined the lads on their vacay.

Are The Hemsworth Brothers Trying To Kill Us, Or?

And here’s just one of many Instagram Stories that he blessed us with, featuring an unfortunate “busted ankle” but a not-so unfortunate rig.

Are The Hemsworth Brothers Trying To Kill Us, Or?

And he’s not just killing us with hotness, he’s also killing us with cuteness by being a literal force of nature.

Chris, along with his equally gorgeous wife Elsa Pataky, teamed up with a group of conservationists at Aussie Ark to help release Tasmanian devils back onto the Australian mainland for the first time in 3,000 years after being declared extinct.

Peep his IGTV about the important cause below:

Youngest brother Liam wasn’t letting Chris hog all the attention, tho, as he returned to Instagram yesterday after a three month break with some hot as hell workout snaps.

Took it upon myself to teach @rossedgley how to train properly,” he wrote. “With my help I see some real potential in him. Keep up the good work little guy.”

Both lads are out here looking fit as fuck, meanwhile I’m on the couch scrolling through Instagram, enjoying my snacks (of both the food and hot men variety).