Cheryl From ‘MAFS’ Regrets Railing Nose Beers Off Her Boobs That One Time

Cheryl Maitland – the de facto protagonist of Married At First Sight’s latest iteration – has admitted to being the woman seen snorting a peculiar white substance off her own breast in an old Instagram video. As you do.

The clip was shared via The Bell Tower Times, and look, if you really want to get your eyes on it, you can here. 
via The Bell Tower Times.

If you don’t, it’s just footage of a woman inhaling white powder off her bikini-clad breast, as a man – presumably the filmer – exclaims “that’s so good.”

In a statement to Woman’s Day, Maitland confirmed that yep, her and the woman who hoovered the powder through a rolled-up $50 bill are one and the same. 
According to Maitland, “I posted this video as a joke on my Instagram account several years ago.

“Looking back I now realise what an extremely naive thing it was to have done, and I seriously regret it.”
via The Bell Tower Times. 
It’s yet to be seen what this will mean for the show, but we’re willing to wager sweet FA will result from this one. Sometimes, these things just happen, you know? 

Oh, and if this somehow interrupts her burgeoning second-chance romance on the show with sweet, innocent Andrew, the pearl-clutchers of this planet will have worse things to worry about than a young woman’s v. silly Instagram postings.

Source: Now To Love / The Bell Tower Times. 
Photo: The Bell Tower Times.