Poor Chelsy Davy. You break up with someone a million years ago, attend their wedding as a guest because (presumably) you’re on fine terms with them and are cool with them finding life-long happiness, and then you make ONE damn face that looks anything less than overjoyed for the happy couple and you get turned into 1026307502 internet memes.

I personally feel for the girl because she’s probably extreeeemely moved on, and the thought of lip-locking with Harry gives her hives now – but I also LIVE FOR THE MEME and can’t not share the internet brilliance that is going around.

In my mind the very-much-moved-on Chelsy is also loling at these today, while eating a family-sized pizza on the couch in front of Sex And The City re-runs.

Anyway – there were plenty regarding THAT part of the ceremony where people are asked to object or forever hold their peace.

Plus loads on “it should have been me”.

Some about the royal family wishing Harry was marrying Chelsy.

And about her choice to wear black (it was actually navy but semantics).

While it’s all fun and zesty, there were also plenty of folks bringing the real talk that actually, Chelsy is FINE thanks.

She’s FOINE, guys. I for one watched the whole thing and most of the time she was smiling and totally chill.