The Bachelor‘s Chelsie McLeod has opened up about her split from Matt Agnew, and oh man, I feel for her. It sucks that Chelsie even had to do this but it is what it is, and props to her for handling it so well.

Over a series of Instagram stories, in reply to questions, Chelsie thanked her followers for checking up on her.

“It’s definitely been rough,” she said. “I do not deal with heartbreak well and yeah, my heart is broken and heartbreak sucks.”

And though Chelsie didn’t explicitly say it, it really does sound like it was Matt’s decision to call it quits. Although, Chelsie all but said it – via meme – in response to a fan’s question about whether or not the split was mutual.

Credit: @chelsiemcleod

I’m cackling. 

Out of respect to Matt, Chelsie didn’t share any specific details about the end of their relationship.

“Nothing bad happened,” she revealed. “I guess it’s just a hard situation and it takes two strong people with a really strong connection to get through the stages between filming and the end.”

Last month, Chelsie shared a post on Instagram calling out all the fucking idiots out there sending her shitty messages post-split.

“Dealing with heartbreak SUCKS and dealing with harsh messages doesn’t help,” she wrote at the time. “I’ve been strong enough to deal with all of this but I am definitely worried for those that aren’t.”

In her Q/A, Chelsie said the shitty comments “don’t phase me too much.

“I more just raised awareness because I know a lot of other people cop crap online and I want you to know that you’re not alone.”

And despite everything, the good and the bad and the worst, Chelsie said she doesn’t regret a single second of her time on The Bachelor.

She met some amazing women and hey, she did “find love.”

It just sucks that “I had my heart broken at the end.”