Check Out Jason Momoa & His Perfect Muscles Doing A Haka On The Gold Coast

In the interests of full transparency, allow me to make a small personal disclaimer before launching into the story: I am insanely horny for Jason Momoa. The mere sight of him renders me incapable of both thought and action. If I ever met him, I would probably spontaneously combust or maybe my head would explode, like the guy from ‘Scanners‘.
I’m so horny for Jason Momoa that I even sat through the entirety of the ‘Conan‘ remake he was in, if that gives you any idea of how serious I am. He is beautiful and perfect, and one day I hope he hurls me into the sun with his powerful arms.
In news that isn’t just me oversharing about my intractable lust for the dude who played Khal Drogo: the dude who played Khal Drogo has used his flawless mouth and body to perform a haka in support of a UFC fighter.
Momoa, who is Hawaiian-born, has been busy filming ‘Aquaman‘ on the Gold Coast, but took the time to pop in at Heartbreak Conditioning (an MMA gym in Burleigh Heads) and show support for Kiwi fighter Mark Hunt.
It’s unclear how Momoa went from ‘G’day‘ to ‘I will haka with you‘, but Hunt is training to go head-to-head with American fighter Derrick Lewis and getting very, extremely, deadly serious about it.
Wrap your eyes around this:

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Good luck, Mark. Please marry me, Jason.
Photo: Instagram / @PrideOfGypsies.