Here’s Your First Look At The Fresh New ‘Charmed’ Cast, Try Not To Freak

After twelve long years of re-runs, CW finally announced in January that one of our fave 90s shows would be getting a re-run. That’s right, Charmed, the show where we first learnt how to ship people together (Piper & Leo) and discovered some guys are just shit no matter how good they seem (I’m talking about you, Cole) is getting a fierce reboot and fans are livin’ for it.

The new and proclaimed ‘feminist’ series will be about a whole new trio of sisters that discover they’re witches and kick demon-arse right, left, and centre.

As you can probably tell, people were pretty excited and then overnight, news was released as to who these spellbinding sisters would be. And not to be completely dramatic or anything but the character descriptions are fucking elite.

Madeleine Mantock will play the eldest sister named Macy Pruitt. By day she’s an incredibly intelligent geneticist (study of genes). By night, she’s grabbing her phone via telekinesis.

You may know Mantock from her role on The Tomorrow People.


Melonie Diaz will be starring as the middle sister, Mel Pruitt. She’s a fierce feminist and openly gay character that will not take shit from anybody and if you piss her off, she’ll freeze time and walk away. Seriously, that’s her power. Diaz has previously appeared in Fruitvale Station and The Cobbler

Yeah, she’s definitely my fave already. Also #representation.

The youngest sister, Madison Pruitt will be played by Sarah Jeffery. Out of the three, you’ll probably recognise Jeffery the most for her work on Descendants. Madison will be reading yo mind when the pilot episode comes out and you’re mentally shitting yourself.

So, we’ve got Macy, Mel, and Madison – a definite ode to the original series.

As for male characters, CW has let fans know that Rupert Evans (Hellboy) will be starring in the role of Harry, a v. charming professor who moonlights as a Whitelighter AKA the sisters’ guardian angels. Jumanji’s Ser’Darius Blain has also been cast as total boyfriend material. Galvin, as his character is called, is an aspiring filmmaker with big dreams.

Also, knowing how cruel writers can be, we’ll probably be seeing Phoebe, Piper, and Prue again in a tribute episode and cry.

And now we wait… to be charmed all over again.