Charlotte Dawson Speaks of Heartbreaking Struggle with Depression in Final TV Interview

Former model and TV presenter Charlotte Dawson‘s final taped interview aired on the Sunday Night program yesterday, and painted a sad picture of the struggle with depression that she faced during her final days. The footage was filmed during a holiday in Bali earlier in the year, where Dawson had gone to “heal” following the tumultuous events of recent times.

Dawson, who had been a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model, committed suicide in her Sydney apartment on February 22 of this year, after a long battle with depression. Financial troubles and the fallout from her split with former husband, Olympic swimmer Scott Miller, also took their toll, as did a highly-publicised campaign of Twitter abuse directed at Dawson. 
In the Sunday Night interview, she spoke about her fear of the future and the prospect of unemployment, at one point saying “I have to love myself. I don’t have a partner, I don’t have my mother or father, I don’t have any family in Australia, I don’t have anything, I’m just me. I don’t have that shoulder to cry on at night.”

This morning, designer Alex Perry, a close friend of Dawson’s, appeared on the Sunrise program to vent his frustration at those who tormented her online in the lead-up to her death, and ask that they be held accountable. “They didn’t kill her but those people have blood on their hands,” he said.

He appealed for tougher anti-bullying laws, saying that online abusers should be treated in the same way as those who commit physical assault. Miller said he feels that the penalty for targeted online abuse should be “as tough as if you go and smack somebody in the face on the middle of the street.”

Dawson herself had previously confronted several of her online abusers face-to-face, in a segment that aired on Seven. Be warned, it’s a bit of a downer.

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Picture: Lisa Maree Williams via Getty Images